Spring. A Time For New Growth...

Yes, we may still have a few heavy snowstorms in our future, but we all know that spring is just around the corner. In Taoist theory (the foundation of Chinese medical theory), it is said that our internal rhythm reflects the ebb and flow of our external world. Just as we experience seasonal changes throughout the year, the body experiences corresponding seasonal adjustments. In traditional Five Element theory, Spring is governed by the Wood element. The "upward and outward" momentum of Wood provides the force necessary for the first sprig of grass to emerge from the frozen earth. The abundance of Wood's energy manifests in our need and desire to move "up and out" of our winter hibernation. Spring cleaning is a perfect example of Wood affecting our domestic lives. If the strength of Wood's influence is not regulated within, tempers may flare, blood pressure may rise, and headaches can become more pronounced; all examples of excessive upward movement. This spring, take the time to harness this momentum for a seamless transition into your next chapter. Practice daily stretching (like the branches of a tree reaching up to the sky) to ensure the smooth flow of Qi in the Liver/Wood meridian. Simply taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge the natural growth surrounding us will reconnect you with the natural rhythm within. Disease ensues when we lose this connection. 

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