• Please be sure to eat a small snack before arriving. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, marijuana or any other recreational substances. 
  • Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Yoga or athletic pants are recommended.
  • While it is okay to brush your teeth, please refrain from brushing or scraping your tongue on the day of your appointment. The tongue coating can tell a lot about the body.
  • If you have any pertinent lab work or other medical reports, please bring them along for review. 
  • Please be mindful to use low voices while in the waiting room. Please turn off your cell phone ringer and take any conversations outside. 
  • Soft music will be played in each of the treatment rooms, but feel free to bring your own music and headphones. Guided meditations are recommended. 
  • Initial appointments will last 90-120 minutes. 

please read the following form prior to your first session. 

*You do NOT need to print this. 

Eastern Traditions Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 1643 Boulder Street, Suite 104. Denver, CO 80211. (720) 551-8408